Parish History

This is a new section on the website to show some of the interesting historical bits and pieces being unearthed.

Here are some photos of St Mary’s from 1964. We’re trying to identify all of the people in them, we know who some are but not all!

The occasion was the re-opening of St Mary’s on June 28th 1964 after it had been closed for repairs from the previous September. Apparently RTE were there too!

There may well be someone who knows the ‘unknowns’ and might let us know,
Parish Office , Tel: 01 6240976

  In this photo from L-R we have unknown (with the bags), Col Nugent Head, Archbishop George Otto Simms, unknown, Rev Robert Love and unknown.


Rectors of the Parish

Reverend Charles Benson
Charles Benson was rector of Lucan alone from 1871-1911 (40 years!).

Benson was ordained deacon in 1863 and there followed no less than 5 appointments as curate within 8 years including periods in Birmingham and Derby. At least one such position could only have been held for a few months at most.

His father was a doctor, also called Charles, with a address at Fitzwilliam Sq., in Dublin. His father's portrait is on display in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin.

In 1871 he was married to Belinda Jane Delmege of Rathkeale in Co.Limerick. The Delmege family had been French settlers in the area in the 17th century and were known as Palatinate French. Benson had obviously married into a wealthy landowning family.

Significantly Benson's marriage took place in 1871 the same year as his arrival as rector of Lucan. Presumably he was now financially more secure and ready to begin family life.

He retired to Kingstown (now Dunlaoghaire) and died on the 14th June 1917. The inscription on his grave in Mount Jerome Cemetry reads
'Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness" Psalm 112:4