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St.Mary's, Leixlip - is located in the heart of Leixlip village. Built at the confluence of the rivers Liffey and Rye, the site has been a place of Christian worship for at least eight hundred years.

Destroyed by the forces of Robert Bruce in 1317, St. Mary's has undergone major re-construction during the intervening centuries. The tower of St. Mary's, dating from the mid fifteenth century, is a fine example of a western residential tower.

Towers such as this were built to be used as a residence for the priest.

St Mary’s is open 10am – 1pm on Saturday mornings for visitors.

Leixlip Union Columbarium St. Mary's Church, Leixlip

Some people may not be aware that we have a columbarium in our parish. (A columbarium is a place where the ashes of the cremated are interred.) It is located in the crypt under St. Mary’s church and may be inspected after service on Sundays, by arrangement with the Rector or the administrator.

Niches are available in singles or doubles. Currently, prices are as follows.

Single niche for a parishioner    €520

Single niche for a non-parishioner  €750

Double niche for a parishioner     €1,040

Double niche for a non-parishioner €1,500

All niches are bookable in advance.

Note: Bookings by non-parishioners must be cleared by the Rector.

For further information and booking forms, contact:
Charles Pegley, ‘Blackwood’ Mill Lane, Leixlip, Co Kildare. Ph. 089 455 5122

OR   Church of Ireland Parish Centre Main Street Lucan.    Ph. 01 624 0976


Parish Archive

Read about evidence of a military presence in the register of St Mary’s births, deaths and marriages for the years 1778 to 1879.

Anyone interested in tracing family roots in the parish should contact the Parish Office, email sta@indigo.ie, phone 6240976.