Vestry - Management of the Parish

By registering as a Vestry person one is entitled to vote at the Annual Easter General Vestry at which the Select Vestry is appointed. One is also entitled to stand for election. By this action one is not committing oneself to anything other than the right to vote. If you are over eighteen and have not already done so, please fill out the form, which is available from the churchwardens or from the office and return it as soon as possible.

Our parish is run by a Select Vestry (parish committee). This is made up of 18 elected members. The Select Vestry is elected at an Annual General Vestry or meeting of all the registered members of the Parish, usually held at Easter. Registered members must be 18 years of age or older and be regular communicants. New and current members of our parish can vote at this meeting if they have registered as members of the parish by the previous January. Meetings are chaired by the Rector, who is the only non-elected member. Meetings are held 10 times a year, once a month except in the summer, start at 8pm sharp and must finish by 10.15pm unless an extension of 15 minutes is agreed by all present.

Our parish vestry business is delegated to a number of sub-committees which report to the vestry for decisions. The current sub-committees are as follows:

  • Fundraising
  • Property
  • Stewardship
  • Visiting
  • Parish Centre Management Group
  • Finance
  • St. Mary's Development
  • Parish Development
  • Social Action

Select Vestry 2018/2019 are:

John Adams Hon Secretary
Brendan Twomey Hon Treasurer

Roy Cooper
Ivan Erskine
Claudia Igbrude
John Lamb
Hazel Lenehan
Fred Moody
Remi Ogundokun
Arnold Smith
David Seaman
Heather Taylor
Gordon White

Rector's Church Wardens: John Adams St Andrew's
Peter Gibson St Mary's
Rector's Glebe Warden: Irene Young
People's Church Wardens: Jenny McGrath St Andrew’s
Robert Clarke St Mary’s
People’s Glebe Warden: David Condell
Elected as Parochial Nominators: Jean Condell
John Adams
Adrian Thompson
David Seaman
Supplemental Nominators: Irene Young
Charlie Pegley
Caroline Whitley
Donald Cromer
Elected as Diocesan Synod Representatives: Inez Cooper
Heather Taylor
Gordon White
Supplemental Synod Representatives are: Inez Cooper
Gordon White
Naomi Pasley
Parish Administrator: Helen Ryan
Financial Administrator: Jenny McGrath
Columbarium Registrar: Charlie Pegley